GST – Global Sustainable Transformation

We are excited to announce that GST – Global Sustainable Transformation won second place at the TUM IdeAward yesterday. GST has developed an innovative technology platform for the sustainable production of yeast oil, providing an eco-friendly and economical alternative to palm oil.

Sustainable Alternative to Palm Oil

Palm oil is the most consumed vegetable oil globally, but its cultivation causes significant ecological and social problems. GST offers yeast oil as an identical yet more sustainable alternative. This technology does not use genetically modified organisms or toxic solvents, and the oil can be used directly thanks to its high oxidation stability.

Award at the TUM IdeAward

The TUM IdeAward, presented by TUM, UnternehmerTUM, and the Zeidler Research Foundation, recognizes the best technology-based startup ideas from the university. GST impressed the jury with its sustainable technology platform and secured second place.

This recognition underscores GST’s potential to play a leading role in sustainable production technology.


Foto: Adreas Heddergot