What makes our technology special

a. Plug and Play

FHCR™ offers a flexible platform that utilizes various yeast strains and organic by-products to produce a wide range of oils, oleochemicals, vitamins, and active ingredients.

b. High dynamism

The innovative FHCR fermentation system enables rapid and dynamic production, which allows for competitive pricing.

c. Efficient carbon footprint

FHCR™ ensures efficient conversion of by-products into high-quality products and integrates proprietary by-products back into the production cycle.

d. Facilitated product recovery

FHCR™ offers an innovative downstream process for pure product recovery that is energy-efficient and carried out without the use of organic solvents.

e. Environment friendly

Achieved through high area efficiency and the conservation of agricultural land FHCR™ a low carbon footprint

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