Our Mission: Protecting nature and shaping the future

Amidst our planet’s ecological challenges, we are dedicated to utilizing biotechnology to pioneer innovative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. This commitment enables us to optimize resource utilization, create a waste-free process, decrease land usage, and diminish CO2 emissions.

How we tackle the challenge

With our FHCR™ platform, we transform biogenic, industrial, and municipal by-products into high-quality products. This platform is not only eco-friendly and efficient, but it also helps close the carbon cycle by utilizing organic by-products and reintegrating them into the industrial cycle.

What we do

We are revolutionizing the way oils are produced by offering innovative and sustainable alternatives to ecologically demanding plant oils such as palm oil, cocoa butter, soybean oil, and sunflower oil. With the help of our yeast, we can produce oils that are identical in quality and function to conventional plant oils, all while maintaining a positive ecological footprint.


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We are thrilled to announce that FOCUS online has nominated our project, represented by the online article "Ölfund in Moosinning", for the "#ConstructiveWorldAward" in the category of "Economic Life" on the 4th of July 2023. The award is an initiative to honour social...

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