GST’s Project of #upcycling the old bread into yeast oil is described by the journalist Michaela Haas

We are thrilled to announce that FOCUS online has nominated our project, represented by the online article “Ölfund in Moosinning“, for the “#ConstructiveWorldAward” in the category of “Economic Life” on the 4th of July 2023.

The award is an initiative to honour social and journalistic work that inspires and moves our world forward. In Ölfund in Moosinning, Michaela Haas has eloquently described GST’s Project of #upcycling the old bread into yeast oil that can be used in a new production route.

GST aim to develop a sustainable alternative to conventional vegetable oils. Via an #urban-centralized approach, we employ biotechnology to convert waste stream biomass into high-quality oil within an economically viable technology. Our approach represents a #lowemissions, #resources-saving solution and a way to implement a holistic #circulareconomy.

Many thanks to master baker Ludovic Gerboin for taking the opportunity to taste the first yeast oil recipes in his products. Great thanks, and congratulations to Michaela Haas for the excellent article, and we thank FOCUS online for the nomination.